Which treatment model is used?

New Life Psychology Services provide interventions based on evidence-based therapies, primarily cognitive-behavioural therapy (frequently referred to as CBT) or behavioural therapy. Between them they are among the most heavily researched, effective therapies currently available, spanning the broadest range of presenting issues. We prides ourselves on purposefully focussing on these therapy models, rather than use a ‘jack of all trades’ approach.

Sometimes people ask ‘I’ve seen other websites that list heaps and heaps of different therapies that they provide – why don’t you guys do that?’. Quite simply, the answer lies in a desire to become highly skilled practitioners in specific treatment types (for a practitioner to deliver an effective treatment in a proven-by-research effective treatment type, they need to be highly skilled in that technique).

Yes, our psychologists have had post-graduate training in a wide range of therapeutic interventions including family therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, narrative therapy, emotion-focused therapy and others, and while these different paradigms inform our thinking, it’s our opinion that it’s simply not possible to be an ‘expert’ in a wide range of therapies.


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