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The most sought after assessments are for children and adolescents in the form of educational (or sometimes called learning or cognitive) assessments. These assessments measure a child’s overall IQ, as well as current achievement levels. Such assessments can help with diagnosing possible learning difficulties or disabilities, including:

global developmental delay
intellectual disability
behavioural issues (ADHD, conduct disorder, underlying anxieties or depression etc)

They are also often extremely beneficial in providing further information for children already diagnosed with ASD.

Several assessment options are available:

Standard Educational assessment includes the formal IQ assessment and adds the standard achievement assessment too, with a full comprehensive report.

Dyslexia assessment includes the formal IQ assessment and comprehensive achievement assessment, with a full comprehensive report.

Comprehensive Educational and Behavioural assessment includes the formal IQ and standard achievement assessment, combined with a behavioural assessment, with a full comprehensive report. This is the most popular and also recommended assessment for school-aged children, as it gives the best overall picture of a child’s current level of functioning.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) screening assessment, which can be a useful first step in helping to determine whether a full ASD assessment (requiring two practitioners) is warranted. This screening assessment can also be useful for children already diagnosed with ASD as it provides a breakdown of the functional level of different domains (such as social, communication, behaviour, obsessions) which is valuable information for targeting therapeutic interventions.

ADHD assessment, usually combined with therapeutic intervention and often accompanied by either a standard or comprehensive educational assessment.

Personality assessment (for adolescents and adults) – often useful to better understand how we ‘tick’, where we have strengths, and is often useful in work settings and even relationships.

Intellectual assessment only includes the formal IQ assessment, with a full comprehensive report.

Other clinical assessments for adults can include formal diagnosis for things such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and others. These usually occur as part of a therapeutic setting.


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